• Buildings and contents should be insured at the present replacement cost.
• Building values should be inclusive of professional fees, debris removal & all taxes.
• Policy penalties are applied when you underinsure. The percentage insured is the percentage paid.
• Valuables are fully covered only when supported by valuations.
• Electronics are fully covered only when a listing is provided.
• Jewelry is usually limited to $500 per item and a maximum of $2,500 unless valuations are provided.
• Electronics are usually limited to these values unless model and serial numbers are provided.
• Items which you require cover away from the home should be noted.
• The hurricane, earthquake and volcanic eruption deductible in the Eastern Caribbean is 2% of your insured value.

• Before allowing someone to drive the Insurers should be contacted for approval.
• All drivers’ licenses must be current.
• All non-nationals must have visitor’s permits.
• Drivers under 25 years, driving less than 3 years or undeclared carry very high deductibles.
• Fit to drive medical certificates may be requested from age 65.

• Never accept liability.
• All incidents must be reported immediately.
• Always secure all damaged property.
• Take all reasonable steps to mitigate loss.
• Take contact information for independent witnesses.
• Document all related expenses.

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